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Client story

»getpress has supported us with PR over a longer period of time and provided our professional expertise in the field of digital health with the desired media reach. Thus, the cooperation has significantly contributed to our awareness and expert status«

Eckhardt Weber, Managing Partner at Heal Capital.

Heal Capital is one of the few VCs in Europe that is dedicated to HealthTech. To date, it has invested a total of €100 million in 22 private health insurance companies. Since its founding in 2019, the Berlin-based VC has been supporting start-ups not only with money, but with the necessary know-how and a simplified market access. Private health insurers in particular have an important role to play. Heal Capital is managed by Dr Christian Weiss and Eckhardt Weber. Both partners share the conviction that the next big development in the healthcare market will be driven by software.


  • Build thought leadership in digital health
  • Approach investors (LPs) for follow-up investments 
  • Approach investors (LPs) for the fund
  • Raise awareness of start-ups in the health tech scene

Strategy / Actions

  • Approaching leading media outlets such as Handelsblatt, FAZ and Wirtschaftswoche with portraits that have different focuses 
  • Expert interviews for specialist media such as sifted and eu-startups

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Nils Wigger

Director PR

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