5 Tipps für echte Sonnen-Schnäppchen

Medium: Bild, 19/03/2023

Wie die Kund*innen zurückschlagen

Medium: FAZ, 12/03/2023

Das denken die Deutschen wirklich über den Valentinstag

Cosmopolitan, 14/02/2023

So viel Sex haben Deutsche im Urlaub

t-online, 26/04/2023

Client story

Appinio, headquartered in Hamburg and founded by Jonathan Kurfess and Sebastian Becker, is a leading global market research institute. Leveraging its innovative platform and a user database of over 5 million, Appinio revolutionizes the market research landscape by enabling rapid access to the opinions of targeted demographics worldwide. By supporting both start-ups and large corporations across industries, Appinio empowers businesses to make informed decisions. With a data-driven approach and a user-friendly platform, the company facilitates the publication of representative studies, helping organizations strengthen their competitive edge and thrive in the market.


  • Generating leads
  • Engaging with content pieces
  • Building brand awareness
  • Garnering attention and expanding reach
  • Establishing thought leadership
  • Enhancing credibility
  • Becoming a reputable source for studies

Strategy / Actions

  • Targeting the right contacts to deliver studies, while emphasizing on leading media outlets such as Spiegel, FAZ, Handelsblatt, and BILD
  • Initiating media collaborations
  • Securing expert interviews accompanied by relevant and representative studies

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