Enpal closes out Series C with $174M from SoftBank

Tech Crunch, 17/10/2021

Leonardo DiCaprio: Fonds investiert erstmals in deutsches Unternehmen

Spiegel, 11/11/202

Enpal: Wie der Gründer mit dem Kapitalismus das Klima retten will

Business Insider, 20/08/2020

Enpal-Gründer Mario Kohle will Solaranlagen auf jedes Hausdach bringen

OMR Podcast, 24/8/2022

Client story

»For over 12 years, I've partnered with the founders of getpress, and their PR prowess and exceptional performance remain unmatched in my opinion.«

Mario Kohle, Founder of Enpal.

Enpal provides a comprehensive solution for achieving a climate-neutral home, encompassing a solar system, storage and wallbox, a green electricity tariff, and a heat pump. What sets Enpal apart is their unique approach of renting out solar systems and managing their operation. By doing so, customers can avoid the high upfront costs and enjoy a hassle-free package. Starting from March 2023, Enpal has also introduced a flexible purchase option for solar systems, catering to diverse customer needs. With a customer base of over 45,000 households in Germany and an impressive rate of 3,000 new solar installations per month, Enpal has established itself as the fastest-growing energy company in the country. Their ambitious objective is to supply solar energy to one million households by the end of 2030, thereby becoming Europe's largest renewable community.

Since Enpal's inception in 2017, we have been providing background support, such as website development and internal presentations. Since 2019, our primary focus has been driving Enpal's press relations, playing a significant role in shaping their public image and expanding their media presence.


  • Market awareness and industry leadership → No.1 in Germany for renewable energy
  • Brand engagement: media, events, speakers
  • Founder positioning: Mario Kohle
  • Lead generation focus
  • SEO and link building optimisation

Strategy / Actions

  • Engaging leading media outlets such as Spiegel, FAZ, Handelsblatt, and Business Insider through a targeted feature piece approach
  • Utilizing expert interviews and advice approach to reach a broad audience via high-reach general interest media like BILD, stern, and Focus
  • Leveraging speaker opportunities and participating in prestigious events and awards, including Handelsblatt Energy Summit, Financial Times events, and Deloitte

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Tina Susann O Meara

Head of PR Operations

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