Terms and Conditions


getpress provides a range of PR packages tailored to their clients' needs. Depending on the chosen package, clients can benefit from media relations, media monitoring, reporting, PR workshops, strategic guidance and positioning, media training, personal branding, speaker opps, awards participation, international PR exposure, content creation, assistance with LinkedIn and Twitter, creation of press kits, press photos, project-specific PR efforts, and PR coaching.


The duration specified in the contractual agreement shall govern the engagement. In the absence of a separate agreement, clients are entitled to terminate their PR package up to six weeks before the designated term's conclusion. Such termination must be conveyed in written form.


Clients are advised that getpress does not provide guarantees on specific outcomes (e.g. clippings). Our commitment lies in the dedicated work we invest on our clients' behalf. The "Expected Outcome," as defined within PR packages, pertains to projected quarterly clippings (or campaign-based clippings in project contracts) and is not a guarantee. Furthermore, getpress cannot ensure the exclusivity of 100% positive articles or the omission of competitive references within articles.


Compensation is governed by the terms outlined in the contractual agreement. Invoices for monthly services are due monthly in advance via the designated direct debit method (GoCardless), unless specified differently. The agreed package price remains applicable even in cases where the "Expected Outcome" (refer to paragraph 3) is not met. Invoices are transmitted via email in PDF format and will be directed to the email address stipulated in the contract.


getpress is committed to conducting all interactions with media representatives in a professional manner, sharing information only after prior client approval. Furthermore, our commitment extends to delivering professional, results-oriented, and efficient PR services from the initiation of the engagement.


getpress aims to initiate a swift PR campaign launch. This can only be achieved by consistent and prompt input from our clients, and includes the timely provision of media-related details and materials. Clients' expedient review of information intended for publication, as well as the availability of contact persons for interviews, significantly contribute to the efficiency of our efforts.


getpress will present concepts and text materials to clients for their factual review. Once client approval is granted, responsibility for the accuracy of the information transfers to the clients. Addressing legal inquiries, especially pertaining to copyright, competition, and trademark law, remains outside the scope of our responsibilities.


getpress pledges to maintain the confidentiality of clients' proprietary or trade-sensitive information shared with us during the course of collaboration. Similarly, we trust our clients to handle information concerning our PR services responsibly.


Upon consultation, getpress may continue to utilize press materials produced during collaboration for our own purposes even following the termination of our partnership.


Any modifications, extensions, or supplementary agreements must be executed in electronic form to attain validity.

Berlin, 07.08.2023